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Find The 'Perfect Match' Wedding Band

If you bought your engagement ring elsewhere but don’t know how to get the matching wedding band, we have the answer!

Get Fitted

1. Get Fitted With Our Patented System

We use a patented 12-piece contour tool to determine exactly which wedding band will fit flush against your existing engagement ring – without it ever leaving your finger.

2. Choose Your Wedding Band Style

Once we determine the proper curve for your wedding band, you can choose from 26 popular diamond setting styles, or four shadow band styles. Want further customization? It's no problem. We can handle that too!

Save 20% On Your Wedding Band

As an After Midnight Jewelers customer, you are entitled to 20% OFF your wedding band if you purchased your engagement ring from us. We can match your wedding band's curve to ANY setting, whether it was a custom-made or designer piece.