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Meet Our Team of Experts


Custom Manager, Diamond Dazzler

My love affair with jewelry started young. I still wear my first gold baby ring although it doesn’t quite fit the same as it did when I was a baby. I remember walking by After Midnight Jewelers when I was in high school wishing to be able to work there. It didn’t take long for my dream to come true. I was working in a dreadful corporate retail job when Scott rescued me! I’m so glad he did. I’ve grown a lot as a person working here. I used to be very quiet and extremely shy. All of our wonderful clients helped bring me out of my shell. Having something like a love for jewelry in common with every person who walks through our door makes work not feel like work at all.

I like to call the amazing people I work with my strange little work family, and it’s true, I’ve never worked with a better group of people.


Sparkle Specialist

Collette was born and raised in Westchester, New York, graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelors in Psychology, and moved to Vermont with her family a few years ago. In her free time, she enjoys time with her dog Monte Cristo, cheering on the Ole Miss Rebels, working out, the lake, baking, and traveling.

She has been with After Midnight Jewelers since 2019 where she enjoys learning couples’ stories and drooling over jewelry. Collette’s favorite jewelry typically features diamonds set in rose gold. She loves using her creativity to design one-of-a-kind custom jewelry for couples and upcoming generations to cherish. With her student-mentality, she is passionate about ongoing industry research to assist customers in delivering a smile to the face of their loved ones. She is Diamond Certified by the Diamond Council of America.


Diamond Deputy

Before moving to the beautiful state of Vermont, I grew up in New York City and spent time living in Pennsylvania. I have 4 wonderful children; 3 daughters and a son. Outside of work, I love music, movies and playing sports especially baseball, basketball, football, tennis, and cycling.

Never had I envisioned working in a jewelry store. I had some knowledge of jewelry and an appreciation for a few family heirloom pieces I had inherited, but I did not foresee the wonderful journey I would take when I started here at After Midnight.

I am thankful to Scott for the opportunity. He invested in me to become DCA Diamond Certified, which has enhanced my ability to speak confidently to my clients about diamonds and the beautiful pieces they purchase.

I enjoy working at After Midnight, because I have an outgoing personality and enjoy meeting new people. I’m also fluent in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and American Sign Language) all which has been an advantage when working with the public in my various professions

As I continue this journey working in a fine jewelry store, I look forward to increasing my expertise in this field and making a difference in the lives of people I meet.

Come see me in the store – I can’t wait to meet you!


Luxury Liaison

I started working at After Midnight in July of 2018 and quickly found a passion for the Jewelry industry. Scott was willing to take a chance on me even though I was still in high school at the time and I will be forever grateful that he did. The team here at After Midnight has become my family and I can’t imagine my life without them.

I’ve learned and grown a lot through each experience I’ve had here and became DCA Diamond Certified. I continue furthering my ability to assist our clients with finding the right jewelry to fit their personal styles and sentimental moments. I look forward to getting to meet new people everyday and always enjoy seeing familiar faces when they return.

Outside of After Midnight I am a makeup artist and am currently studying at a film based makeup school in Los Angeles, CA. When I’m not creating different makeups I’m likely spending time with my wonderful family and of course my four-legged friends (some of which I’ve met right here at AMJ!) Since my first day I knew I would always consider After Midnight Jewelers a home away from home and I’m certain that you will feel the same.



I have been taking classes learning to be a jeweler for over 10 years and have become a master of silver wire wrapping. Each of my creations is a testament to my passion for creativity, and love for art.

When I am not creating jewelry, you can find me pursuing my love of adventure. I’m an avid skydiver and snowboarder, always seeking out new and exciting challenges. Despite my love for thrills, I’m also a caring and responsible pet owner, and I share my home with three beloved dogs, Otis, Willow and Suki.

I live with my girlfriend, who is a talented chef. Together, we make a dynamic and creative team, always pushing each other to new heights and adventuring together.

Whether I’m creating a unique pendant, or a stunning pair of earrings, I pour my heart and soul into every piece I make. My work is a testament to my creativity and commitment to excellence, and now that I’ve joined the After Midnight Jewelers team I’m expanding my skill set daily.


Liaison to the Humane Society of Chittenden County

I have been the official liaison between After Midnight Jewelers and the Humane Society of Chittenden County for over 6 years! I have helped support and place hundreds of cats and dogs, my unwavering love for all people and pets has been an inspiration to everyone I meet. Woof!


Master Jeweler

Stones and gems have always been special to me.

I started cutting stones when I was 12 years old. There was just something about the colors and smooth surface that intrigued me then, and still does now. That was over 50 years ago. My career has taken many twists and turns, starting with fairs and craft shows. For 8 years in the 80’s and 90’s, I was “Ye Old Gem Cutter” at the NY Renaissance Faire. I sold handmade magic wands set with crystals and gems and one of a kind earrings over the course of 64 weekends. 

For over 20 years I attended the Tucson gem and mineral shows and saw everything magical that our solid earth has to offer. Phenomenal star sapphires, bicolor ametrines straight from Bolivia, imperial topaz from Oro Preto, Brazil and on and on.

In 1989, I opened After Midnight Jewelers in the University Mall. We were open there for 30 years. 362 days per year. In November 2019, I moved across the street to the Blue Mall to get a larger, more private, personal space.

The same magic goes into all of my custom work and repairs to this day.

Our space is now one of the safest shopping environments in the state with a NASA technology state of the art air purification system.

Our store is now private, personal, and protected.

We love our new home. Please visit us and feel the magic.


(300+ Reviews)

Customer Reviews

Scott did an amazing job making my fianceé’s dream ring come true. He took the extra time to make sure the ring would be perfect and stay perfect. Thank you Scott!!

Langley Smurthwaite

Always a pleasure to work with. They did a beautiful job repairing my jewelry and also have an impressive selection of engagement rings and other pieces. Everyone in the store is super helpful and knowledgeable. The only jewelry store I will ever go to!

Lauren Nappi

I needed to get my gf’s necklace chain replaced and after leaving the mall, I realized I should have gotten the pendant cleaned. I realized After Midnite was across the street, so I called to see if they could accommodate me for a quick cleaning, and I caught them right before closing. Got my pendant inspected and cleaned promptly and was on my way. Thank you guys!

Sierra Centerbar

My experiences with After Midnight have been nothing less than excellent. I was greeted with a warm, welcoming smile and a friendly “hello” by all staff members. I was helped by Cassie Pawul who was very generous and went out of her way to make sure I was satisfied with my service. She was very knowledgeable about the Troll Beads she was selling and made sure I found exactly what I wanted. It was a very friendly encounter.

Megan Marcelino

I had a fantastic experience! Edwin was very helpful and knowledgeable about having my grandmother’s ring resized for my wedding band. We always have the best experiences there and are always treated wonderfully! Thank you for continuing to provide Vermont with such exceptional services! We look forward to seeing the new location!

Hailey Goodman

After searching for jewelers that offered custom jewelry design service, by chance I discovered After Midnight Jewelers in Vermont, and made contact with Amy. She was willing to take the time over the phone to learn about my project, and even helped me to appraise the new piece of jewelry we manufactured together. Couldn’t of been happier with the service and quality, Bravo!

Peter M

These guys have been AMAZING over the past 4 years of working with them! First it was the engagement ring. Then the wedding bands and lastly my 1year anniversary ring that matches my wedding band and rounds out my finished product of a ring! I love After Midnight and will ALWAYS recommend them to anyone who is looking for anything to do with rings! Thank you lovely’s!!!

Carolyn Harnois

We had a terrific experience picking out engagement rings at After Midnight Jewelers in South Burlington VT. We highly recommend them! The staff (Collette and Carlee) were fantastic. With their help we found the perfect rings that reflect our perfect union. Thank you Collette and Carlee! You were absolutely great to work with – From Patty & Ingrid

Patty Richards

Always a great service at after midnight jewelers for jewelry fixing, my wife was so happy and her ring looks awesome thank you so much. Would highly recommend after midnight jewelers for any jewelry repair.

Joe Pawulak

My fiancé and I worked with Collette Arnold, she was knowledgeable and showed us exactly what we wanted!! She kept in contact the entire time to check in and ask if we needed anything else! The night my fiancé proposed, the ring was a bit big, we walked in and they sized it right then and there for us in 20 minutes, it was wonderful! We love After Midnight Jewelers and we highly recommend them!

Amber Santor

Very nice place! The man working helped me right away and offered me a great price. Needed to get my bracelet fixed in a short 3 days before flying home to Denver, he was able to offer a good rate and express fix it! Wonderful jeweler, will go back again.

Anna Weith

After Midnight Jewelers is a gem! I went in to get a necklace repaired and had a wonderful experience. Ed was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Bianca Hanks

I came in to get my wedding ring resized and was helped right away! I was a little nervous about my ring breaking or not looking the same after but Ed and Scott made me feel very comfortable that I was in good hands! And the result was absolutely perfect! I would recommend this place to anyone!

Jannick Vielleuse

So me and my fiancé came here looking for an engagement ring and Ed was the one that helped us he listened to all of our questions and was able to answer them. He is very nice and with him it doesn’t feel like he’s “trying to sell you a ring” unlike other jewelry stores. I had a great experience here and would highly recommend!

Jessica Stewart

My boyfriend had bought my a beautiful diamond necklace for my birthday and I wanted the chain shortened to 16inch instead of the 18inch it was at. I went right in to the store today and the on spot jeweler fixed my chain the way I wanted it while I was looking around the store! Also the crew who works here are very professional and always so very kind. Always a great experience here!

Kailey Antoniak

My Fiancé and I worked with Collette at AMJ to re-fresh a family heirloom ring to be our own. After one appointment with Collette we had a few custom designs in mind and were amazed to see they had digital models of the customized rings within a day! The entire customization process was so much easier and quicker than we expected, and we couldn’t be happier with how the ring turned out! So many thanks to Collette for all the tips, design ideas, and customer service along the way.

Greg McDonald

The entire staff at After Midnight was so great to work with. From design to completion of our custom birthstone cross for my wife’s 40 anniversary they were there every step of the way

Robin Campbell

The husband and I got married this past July and I know this review is a bit late but we came to this beautiful store and had an amazing experience and got my husbands ring in a short amount of time and it was not too pricey either! The customer service was amazing and if ever I need any beautiful jewelry I know where to go and I recommend this place 100%!

Jasmine Heath

I am so happy with how my ring repair came out. Collette new exactly what I wanted and she was the best of help. My ring is so perfect, I can’t thank After Midnight Jewelers more!!!

Kellie Lockerby

Went in for a chain repair. Edwin was great to deal with. They were even able to finish the repair quicker than estimated.

Alexis E
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